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 Play to Win.

Faster, Hassle-Free Trading
Get direct offers on your listed items.
Accept or decline with ease – the control is yours for smooth and efficient trade.

Why Chose Us ?

  • Ad-Free Experience (Almost)
    We know ads can be intrusive, that's why we show only 1 non-disruptive ad every 25 minutes. Focus on trading, not getting annoyed.
  • Trade with Confidence
    Safety first! Check out user reviews from past trades to see who's trustworthy. Make informed decisions before every transaction.
  • Rewards
    Earn Gemz with every completed trade – our in-platform currency for exclusive in-game items. See proof of rewards distributed on our Discord server.
  • Secure Direct Chat
    Chat directly with other users after accepting a trade offer. Our system restricts links for maximum safety, allowing only for complete peace of mind.
  • Simplified Login System Linked With Roblox
    Our login system is directly linked with Roblox Oauth API. No Password Required and You don't share us any private information except username.
  • Rewards with 100% Transparency
    We reward you for each trade you complete on our platform. You will receive our currency, 'Gemz', which you may swap for in-game things. We send Proofs to all of the winners we reward on Discord.
  • Free Private Servers
    Enjoy free private servers for supported Roblox games. We're constantly adding more based on your requests!
  • Dedicated Team, Thriving Community
    We're passionate about making Gamersberg amazing. Our rock-solid 140k+ Discord community (since 2017) is a testament to that. Our team is here for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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